"I value Dr. Sandhoo’s knowledge of how to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. She interacts with the community and is kind and patient. She cares about those who come to her. If she has concerns, she will seek answers and follow through with other doctors, if needed. Dr. Sandhoo, thank you for all the blessings you give me and for caring for me." P.H.

"Dr. Sandhoo always takes time to listen, answer questions and look at all things of concern." S.C.

"The care that my family and I receive from Dr. Sandhoo is personal and caring. She wants to know and understand your concerns. She also remains very professional. I am thrilled with the whole concept of a concierge physician. I think people should be responsible for their health care. This gives that opportunity." CH.

"Dr. Sandhoo takes time with you. She laughs with me and answers any questions I may have. I think and feel she truly cares for her patients." P.R.

"Dr. Sandhoo is always there if you need her and explains things well." P.E.

"You can get in to see Dr. Sandhoo right away. There is hardly any waiting. She also takes her time with you and listens to all your questions. She is very thorough." K.O.

"Dr. Sandhoo is always available. When my mother was first diagnosed with dementia she was very helpful. I recommend her because of the excellent personal service I receive." D.W.

"Dr. Sandhoo is always available, kind, and gets to the root of a problem. She takes the time to listen and treat all the issues." Connie

"Dr. Sandhoo found an abdominal mass in my stepson that two other physicians missed during a physical exam. It was lymphoma and she saved his life! She is thorough, knowledgeable, kind and has a soothing bedside manner." P.H., MD

"Dr. Sandhoo is very kind and caring. She is willing to take the time to answer questions." K.A.

"I value that I can call Dr. Sandhoo any time. In the past 12 months I’ve had to go to the emergency room and she was right there to help me and speed up the process. Very nice!" T.V.

"Dr. Sandhoo is so caring and compassionate and always giving one peace of mind. I love her dearly!" A. B.

"Dr. Sandhoo is thorough, kind, helpful and sweet! She has demonstrated exercises to help my shoulder. I never have to wait or experience a crowded waiting room. She is accessible 24/7 and directs hospital admission. J.D.
I felt as ease during my first visit with Dr. Sandhoo and I appreciated her expertise." M.M.

"Dr. Sandhoo is an artist and I would recommend her careful and cheerful care to anyone. Her staff is well trained and knowledgeable. Jamie and Tiffany are beautiful young women that are as compassionate as they are skilled."

"I value how Dr. Sandhoo always listens to me and takes her time. I never feel rushed – always cared for. Once she came in on her vacation time to take care of a cist on my neck." E.S.

"I am able to have prompt care when needed! Dr. Sandhoo lives up to my expectations." M.L.

"Dr. Sandhoo gets things done. Once, within 19 hours, I saw her, had a lung x-ray and a heart stress test and received all the results. I have two friends who come and love the easy access to her. I feel like Dr. Sandhoo and I are friends and I feel very secure in her care. Love her staff too!" M.M.

"Dr. Sandhoo just doesn’t take care of one problem, but goes beyond that. She is always helpful and caring and comes in your room with a big smile. She is just the best! I would always recommend her to any one because she has always been the first doctor to really care about finding out my problems." C.D.

"Dr. Sandhoo goes above and beyond to care for my family and me. No wait times! I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family. Dr. Sandhoo is very well trained and I have complete confidence in her medical skills." A.D.

"When I moved my elderly mom to town, Dr. Sandhoo graciously accepted her into the practice and she and the staff made me feel so welcomed and confident in her care, knowing she is available all the time. If you become seriously ill, she is available immediately and follows your care even into the hospital, so that someone at the hospital knows all about your healthcare needs and advocates for you." K.M.

"Dr. Sandhoo is very caring, concerned, warm, and takes the time to listen to problems. She is usually correct with a diagnosis. She explains the problem, diagnosis and the cure or prognosis. I have recommended her to friends and family who like her very much." B.F.

"Dr. Sandhoo is keeping me healthy! She cared for my 99-year-old mother at no cost. I’m happy with my care." K.N.

"Dr. Sandhoo is available any time for any need. She is always seeking additional info on new/improved procedures. She is caring and concerned, a quality advisor/physician who has “clout” in area medical facilities and is vastly respected. D.S.
Dr. Sandhoo is the bets doctor I’ve had. I love her. I don’t want to recommend her to others because I’d rather keep her to myself!" B.D.

"Dr. Sandhoo went on an aggressive pursuit to resolve my symptoms and follow up with my new cardiologist. I appreciate her personalized attention to resolve medical issues and coordinate with other medical specialists. She listens and responds." R.B.

"Dr. Sandhoo is compassionate and thorough. She was always available for me when I was critically ill. She is the best doctor I have ever had. She truly cares." L.M.

"Dr. Sandhoo provides personal, hands-on care. She is always available – always caring – always helpful. Her practice is a great environment, negating the typical doctor’s “waiting room” trauma." M.S.

"I don’t have to wait if I need care. She is there 24/7." J.E.

"Whenever I phone Dr. Sandhoo, I always get a receptionist that can help me or I get Dr. Sandhoo directly. I would recommend Dr. Sandhoo to my friends and family because of her availability. No matter my need when I phone, I always get an answer to my questions and am always seen immediately if needed." M.J.

"I value Dr. Sandhoo’s personal attention to my health and total well-being. An example is her help getting me breast cancer treatment. She opened her office on a Saturday to see me the first time. She is a caring doctor who becomes a friend." K.G.

"Dr. Sandhoo is very personal. She really cares about her patients." L.T.

"I appreciate the fact that Dr. Sandhoo is always reachable. She’s competent and comprehensive – I feel like I’m in good hands."

"Dr. Sandhoo helped me by providing me a free sample of a prescription when I did not have insurance. She made several doctor’s appointments for me to get my blood sugar levels under control." C.B.

"Dr. Sandhoo has been my doctor for 15 years. I have always gotten in to see her in a very expedient manner when I’ve been ill. She is always available to me for any of my healthcare needs." K.S.

"Dr. Sandhoo has a marvelous manner with her patients and instills in me a faith that she can help me get the care I need. I think having a doctor who actually recognizes you and seems to have the time and willingness to deal with you is exceptional." M.W.

"I had a stroke and Dr. Sandhoo showed up at the hospital, checked my tests, and came back the next morning to get me out – like she said she would! She is very thorough. She keeps track of health issues, tests, x-rays and explains the results. She makes sure you don’t go down the wrong road." S.W.

"Dr. Sandhoo is proactive in her approach to monitoring my health. The demeanor of her staff and atmosphere in her office is top notch."

"I value Dr. Sandhoo’s thoughtfulness, expertise as a doctor, availability and friendly staff. I would recommend her to friends and family, especially because of the personalized care in the event of emergency or hospitalization." K & B M

"I value the personal relationship aspect that’s been developed as a patient of Dr. Sandhoo’s. I receive quality care as promised and more time." C.P.

"Dr. Sandhoo always makes time for me. I am able to receive an appointment quickly. She spends all the necessary time with me! She has compassion, experience and great team." M.R.

"Dr. Sandhoo took the time to listen to my concerns. In fact I found myself talking about personal thinks I’ve never discussed before." P.A.

"I like the personal attention, warm atmosphere and thorough care. I would recommend Dr. Sandhoo because she is personal." N.D.

"Dr. Sandhoo came to our home to take care of my dying husband. She was there in 10 minutes when he died. She sees me every three months; my blood panel numbers are good and she helps me by sharing my concern for our community. I do recommend Dr. Sandhoo. In fact, I did so last week to a friend!" J.T.

"Dr. Sandhoo is always willing to listen and does not cut you off or judge your concerns. She sincerely cares about my well-being. She is readily available, sincere, kind and patient."

"Dr. Sandhoo provides open, honest and trustworthy medical advice. She met me at the ER during a stressful event and oversaw all aspects of my care while I was there. She also provided quick follow-up after." B

"Dr. Sandhoo is always available. I have her cell phone number and that is reassuring. I have recommended her to my family and friends many times." S.M.

"I like the feel of the personal care we get from her and her staff." R.H.

"I feel Dr. Sandhoo is really helpful with my medical problem. She also has a nice and pleasant staff." M.H.

"Dr. Sandhoo is kind. She thoroughly explains my exams so I can understand what is happening with me." S

"Dr. Sandhoo arranges quick follow-up, provides thorough coverage and is available." M.D.